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Unit 3 - Making It Happen with Marketing

Learning Target 5: I can explain what merchandising is

Walk into your favorite store and what do you see?  Signs, mannequins, tables, merchandise, etc...  Everything you see in the store is placed in certain spot for a reason.  Merchandising is the promotion of goods and services at the retail establishment.  From free samples to coupons on the shelves to candy placed at the checkout counter these merchandising strategies are trying to accomplish the same objective and this is increasing sales.  Merchandising is also known as "silent salespeople" and a business must pay attention to details when merchandising their stores.


Watch this video for some basic merchandising strategies. 

Make The Connection:  Go to your favorite store and analyze their merchandising strategies and write a report on your findings.  If you can, interview a store manager to see if they will point some merchandising strategies out to you. 

Ask your parents if stores today look the same as stores when they were your age?  More than likely your parents will say no.  Merchandising is changing every day.  If I were to tell you 10 years ago that we would not need to have cash registers and employees would have mobile devices to process your purchase you would have thought, I was dreaming.   What about if I told you 10 years ago you could order food and pay for food on your phone and it will be ready for you when you walk into the store you would have thought I was crazy.  Now think about where merchandising is going.  What is it going to be like for your kids?  Let’s take a look at what the retail store of the future may look like.

















Here is another video about what retail store may look like in the future.

















Show What You Know:  Using a shoe box, create a store layout of what you think the store of the future will look like. 

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