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Business Biography Project

For this project you need to someone who is a business person.  You need to ask the following questions and then come up with 15 additonal questions of your own

1.  Name

2.  Company they work for

3.  How long have they worked for that company

4.  What is their current position with the company

5.  What is their dream position with the company

6.  Where did they go to school

7.  What do they do on a daily basis

8.  What do they like most about their job

9.  What is the hardest part about their job

10.  If you could change 1 thing about your job whaat would it be


Questions 11-25 need to be created by the student and must revolve around business topics we have discussed or will discuss in class. 

Once you have conducted your interview prepare a presentation of your choice with your findings.  Make sure you add photos of your interview and possible their workplace. 

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